jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

Rock (I)

Un espacio para sentarse y otro para escapar, el resto es Rock:

-Words (Neil Young-Road Rock Vol.1) -Conquistadore Rides Again (Santana-Live at the Filmore 1968)

-Get Right (Pearl Jam) –Rock Bottom (UFO) –Going Underground (The Jam) –Rocking All The Way (AC-DC) -Wild Hearted Son (The Cult) –Holy Roller Novocaine (Kings of Leon) –Come Elle Vient (Noir Désir) –Siege Engine (Buckethead) –Buzzard (Armageddon) –They Took Control Of You (Atomic Rooster) –New Dark Ages (Bad Religion) –What’s Your Name (Birth Control) –Bury The Axe (Blindside Blues Band) –Summertime Blues (Blue Cheer) -Cactus Music (Cactus) –Get It Up (Chicken Food) –Highway Star (Deep Purple) –Ode To A Black Man (The Dirtbombs) –Ivory (Dust) –Jacqueline (Frank Ferdinand) –Nightrain (Guns N’ Roses) –Down Through The Night (Hawkwind) –The Show (Irish Coffee) –The Trooper (Iron Maiden) –Stone Free (Jimi Hendrix) –Say What You Want (John The Conqueror) –Forty Two (Karma To Burn) –Celebration Day (Led Zeppelin) –Seven & Seven Is (Love) –Kill The King (Masters Of Reality)

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